Internet based interviews

Market research satisfies the marketers’ insatiable desire to find out more and more about who they sell to and why. Internet offers another way to approach consumers in order to get their opinions, habits and thoughts.

Web based data collection is performed in DataPower with the following methods:

  • Web panel Data collection: We rely on DataPower Online panel as the primary sample source for online surveys. This member panel consists of potential respondents who have been recruited through online, telephone, mail, and in-person approaches to increase population coverage and enhance representativeness. All panel members have agreed to be invited to participate in online surveys through a confirmed opt-in approach.
  • Portals: The questionnaire is posted on portals search engines, directories etc. and the visitors are asked to participate with the possibility of winning a present.
  • Popup windows: The questionnaire is posted in the client’s site and it pops whenever a visitor accesses the site. The visitor is then invited to participate in the research project.
  • An alternative option to the above is that the questionnaire pops up if the visitor stays in the site for a particular time.

    Beyond these techniques that cover the needs for quantitative data, we aim to develop the on line focus groups and in depth interviews.