Qualitative Research

Qualitative research, once quantitative methodologies’ “poor cousin”, is now being recognized to be a powerful tool in understanding social and cultural behaviors.

To build competitive advantage qualitative researchers, need to implement creative designs. But beyond that, for the data to have meaningful impact on the thinking of the client, they must be collected from a well-structured sample.

DataPower S.A. has invested in both the above areas.

We have a database of freshly recruited respondents. In this database life style characteristics as well as product consumption characteristics are recorded. We try to comply with all international and local standards and guidelines so not to created professional respondents. By applying Data Mining techniques, we can model behaviors and foresee reactions.

Our well-trained team of moderators has on average 10 years of experience in designing and analyzing qualitative data with proven results. They have the know-how to handle any design but also to offer their recommendation for the development of the most suitable design for the project in concern.

In our quest for better service to our clients we are trying to have our own facilities equipped with the latest technology equipment for viewing, interacting with, and recording of the focus groups.