Telephone Interviews

The DataPower Call Centre offers market research companies and other businesses a robust solution for their communication needs.

With 50+ stations and latest technology C.A.T.I. (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews) system, DataPower can provide rapid delivery for research projects of all sizes, with quality and exceptional value results.

The DataPower Call Center offers the undeniably most profitable outsourcing solution for several reasons:

  • Quick kick off of the project
  • Interviewers capable to undertake even the most demanding project
  • Number of interviewers that can be adjusted according to the project needs
  • Automatic system for monitoring quotas

DataPower Call Centre offers a comprehensive set of solutions for your requirements:

  • The whole procedure is monitored by the supervisors
  • Efficient handling of sample frames
  • Elaborated questionnaire programming
  • Dynamic and static checks in the flow of the questionnaire
  • Data processing

DataPower Call Centre has its own server and all security rules and data protection regulations are applied.

We use RAID-5 technology for automatic data recovery, and uninterruptible power supply system.

The extensive use of passwords makes the access to the data or to the lists to unauthorized persons practically impossible.