Personal Interviews

Face-to-face interviewing has always been an extremely prevailing method in market, media, and opinion research. The main advantage of face-to-face interviews is the ability to show the respondents, visual stimuli in a controlled environment.

In our company we have the potential to conduct face-to-face interviews with two methods:

  • Paper and Pencil (P.A.P.I.): It is the standard of the face-to-face data collection methods. All questions are included in printed questionnaire forms.Our interviewers complete them with a pen according to the answers of the carefully selected respondents.
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (C.A.P.I.): Presenting multimedia materials becomes simpler and becomes a reality since laptops or tablets can play films, present pictures, and play audio files. On average every year we are conducting 40% of our annual data collection with this method.
  • We have 18 laptops and 110 tablets with touch-sensitive screens so that our interviewers can easily record the respondent’s answers. In this way we can reduce interviewing time, results are more credible and the price-value ratio is improved too.

    The laptops and the tablets can be used also for:

  • CASI (Computer Assisted Self Completion Interviewing): A further advantage of this method is that respondents can give sensitive data or more reasoned answers since they have the chance to think over the questions more thoroughly without the intervention of the interviewer.
  • CARI (Computer Audio Recorded Interviewing): The answers of the respondent are recorded when we need a more free expression of the respondent’s views.