Doing research and understanding a market is harder than it looks.
Since 2000, we make your research experience easier with quality and reliable services

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About Us

DataPower S.A. was founded in the beginning of 2000

Aiming to offer its services to two rapidly developing fields:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Mining

DataPower S.A. addresses to:

  • Research companies
  • Management consultants
  • Private companies and companies of the Public sector which are interested in conceiving better strategies in the Marketing field

Our Company’s Philosophy

We founded our company based on one thought:

We want to be a company that those working for us, as well as those working with us, are proud of.

Every relationship is valuable to us. So, in our relationships, with employees, associates, clients, or providers, we try to offer them something from ourselves. We believe that in this way everybody feels being a part of our company, contributing to, and gaining from its growth.

Internet based interviews

Market research satisfies the marketers’ insatiable desire to find out more and more about who they sell to and why

Personal Interviews

Face-to-face interviewing has always been an extremely prevailing method in market, media and in opinion research

Telephone Interviews

With 50+ stations, DataPower can provide rapid delivery for research projects of all sizes, with quality and exceptional results

Qualitative Research

Our team of moderators has 10+ years of experience in designing and analyzing qualitative data with proven results

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a valuable tool for rating the offered service during the buying process

Data Mining

Knowledge is the most valuable asset of the modern enterprise. For knowledge to be obtained there is the need to follow a very systematic approach

Our Policy

Our goal is to make our customers more successful.

This goal is achieved by developing all our activity based on three fundamental values:

  • Affordable quality
  • Reliability
  • Respect for the individual's personality

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